About the project - Image CONTICA: Control of Intracellular Calcium and Arrhythmias

The major scientific objective of the CONTICA project is to determine the subcellular mechanisms underlying fatal arrhythmias related to dysfunction of the SR Ca2+ release channel (ryanodine receptor, RyR2).

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Watch video on the sudden cardiac death

The video is available to the public in the internet on the website of youris.com, HEALTH-TV. Click "read more"!
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07/01/2009 CONTICA Next Meeting

The next Contica Meeting will take place in Utrecht (Netherlands) from 19-20th March 2009
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CONTICA Next Meeting

CONTICA meeting was held in Bratislava (Slovakia) from 20-22th Feb 2008.
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01/08/2007 Contica´s scientific coordinators moved to Graz (Austria)

The second period of the project will be coordinated from Graz (Austria), where Prof. Pieske became Head of the Division of Cardiology at the Medical University of Graz.
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16/05/2007 CONTICA Annual Meeting

Photo Montpellier Contica Annual Meeting took place in Montpellier, 29-31 March 2007.
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31/07/2006 Cellular Electrophysiologist joining CONTICA

Dr. Simon Sedej has joined the group of Prof. Dr. Burkert Pieske in Göttingen and will be working on the CONTICA project.

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25/02/2006 CONTICA Start-Up Meeting

The CONTICA start-up meeting took place in Göttingen, February 24-25. Prof. Dr. Burkert Pieske welcomed and thanked everyone for the teamwork during the preparation of the project and introduced the consortium partners from the various countries and the integrative workplan of CONTICA.

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[co.ntica] is funded by the European [co.mission] within the 6th Framework Programme.